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Bright Blue End of Life
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END OF LIFE for BB (Bright Blue) Standalone controller boards

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bright blue End of Life Statement

Products:  bright blue & lite blue

Effective: August 1st, 2023                  

To our valued Partners and Customers,

Acre security continues to focus on driving innovation through our brands to provide the latest technologies to our customers. Our goal is to partner with our valued customers to ensure we deliver systems that meet requirements and exceed expectations while at the same time provide a future growth strategy.


Based on these goals, we have made the decision to End of Life the bright blue & lite blue products.  Effective August 1st, 2023, bright blue / lite blue will no longer be available for purchase.  Acre security will continue to provide support for existing bright blue / lite blue systems for 3 years beyond this date. However, it should be noted that future browser technology may be incompatible and cause issues with the product beyond our control.  Should this occur, acre security cannot offer any assurances of a solution or work around, and you may be required to maintain an old browser version to continue accessing your bright blue / lite blue product.


We are excited to bring you best-in-class products and look forward to helping you carve the path forward to a secure and successful future.   


-ACRE Product Management


bright blue / lite blue Access Control

In January 2021, it was announced that the Vanderbilt bright blue and lite blue products would not incur any further updates.  The final release of bright blue / lite blue was v5.0.3, which became available in December 2020.  Customers have several migration options within the acre security portfolio to maintain future growth:



  1. ACT365
    ACT365 is a cloud-based access control solution that enables you to manage your security system from anywhere, at any time. It enables you to view access events, disable a user or open a door from any device at any time (PC, Laptop or Smart Phone), meaning that you can truly stay connected to your business wherever you are.  If you like the concept of no server required, with the simplicity and price point of bright blue / lite blue, ACT365 is a perfect fit.


  1. Access It!
    Access It delivers a complete and scalable access control solution for any organization, ranging from the multi-campus enterprise to a single lobby entrance. Access It! takes full advantage of the distributed network architecture model and open platform control panels allowing organizations to monitor and manage several integrated systems through a single common interface.  Access It! is an enterprise class, on premises solution that requires a Windows server to operate.  If you are interested in moving up to a higher level, more feature rich system, Access It! may be the right solution.


  2. Feenics
    Feenics is the industry’s most secure and flexible cloud-based access control solution that can be accessed anywhere using a simple user interface. Built on open architecture hardware and fortified by the security, disaster recovery, and redundancy of Amazon Web Services, Feenics is scalable from one door to global enterprise environments. It provides the ultimate choice to manage security infrastructures, integrate third-party applications and reduce capital expenditure.  Feenics combines the best of both worlds, with a no server needed, cloud hosted solution plus the features and functionality of an enterprise class system.


Please contact your Regional Sales Manager to schedule a demo or learn more about the access control products and solutions acre security has to offer.

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