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SMS Manuals
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SMS Upgrade Documentation

Helpful articles and documentation that will assist you in completing a migration and update to the latest version of SMS

SMS Technical Bulletin 2017-02

SMS Technical Bulletin 2021-11

SMS 7.1.0 Ports

SMS Migration Checklist 


The device and inventory tool will assist you in creating a comprehensive inventory of all the devices currently located on the CIM prior to migration to a newer version of SMS. 

SMS Device Inventory Tool

SMS Hardware Manuals

Combined and Individual SMS Hardware Manuals

SMS Hardware Manual SMSHardwareManual.pdf SMS Hardware Manual
Bright Blue Installation Manual bright blue Installation Manual.pdf BB Installation Manual
Lite Blue Installation Manual lite blue Installation Manual.pdf LB Installation Manual
VRCNX-A Installation Guide VRCNX-A Installation Guide 6-22.pdf VCRNX-A Installation Guide
VRCNX-M Installation Guide VRCNX-M Installation Guide & Controller R8.pdf VRCNX-M Installation Guide
VSRC-M with Diode VSRC-M Installation Guide with Diode.pdf VSRC-M with Diode Guide
SRCNX-R Install Guide SRCNX-R Install Guide 8.pdf SRCNX-R Install Guide
SSRC Single Door Guide SSRC Install Single Door.pdf SSRC Single Door Guide
VSRC-A Single Reader VSRC-A Single Reader.pdf VSRC-A Single Reader
VSRC-A Dual Reader VSRC-A Dual Reader.pdf VSRC-A Dual Reader
GIPRCNX  Module setup GIPRCNX  Module setup.pdf GIPRCNX  Module setup


SMS Software Installation Manual


Download the SMS Software Manual


Provides a comprehensive guide for installing most versions of SMS Software on a windows system with SQL Express or a system with an existing SQL Express or SMS database. 

  • SMS
  • SMS Software
  • Installation
  • Initial Configuration
  • Existing Database
  • New Database
  • Backup Recovery


Download the Latest SMS Software Manual

SMS Install Video: SMS Install

SMS Key Tools


MR51E Addressing tool

Used to set a fixed IP address to NSC-100 network door controllers

Download: MR51eAddressTool (24 KB)



Network configuration tool for discovering and configuring IP controllers over the network.

Download: ZeroConf (550 KB)


Discovery Tools


Hardware Discovery tools for searching and finding Mercury and Vanderbilt controllers on a network. 


Download: (4.67 MB)



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